Tuesday, July 17, 2007

National Certification Examination for Energy Managers and Energy Auditors


The Government of India has enforced The Energy Conservation Act, 2001 (No 52 of 2001, 29th September 2001) with effect from 1st March 2002. The Act provides mainly for efficient use of energy and its conservation and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto. As per the Energy Conservation Act 2001, it is mandatory for all the designated energy consumers to get energy audit conducted by an Accredited Energy Auditor [under clause 14(h) and 14(i)] and to designate or appoint an Energy Manager [under clause 14(l)]. The Government of India has notified the list of designated consumers and the details are available at the following link: http://www.bee-india.nic.in/sidelinks/Exams07/Gazette_of_IndiaPartIISec3Sub-sec(ii)19_03_2007.pdf

Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), Ministry of Power, Government of India, is empowered to specify the regulations and mechanism to meet the above objectives. BEE has retained the National Productivity Council (NPC) as the National Certifying Agency, which would conduct the National Level Certification Examination for Energy Managers & Energy Auditors under the aegis of Bureau.

Examination Papers and Scheme

The examination Papers for Energy Managers and Energy Auditors are given below:

Paper I - General Aspects of Energy Management & Energy Audit - 3 Hrs Duration - Maximum Marks:150

Paper II - Energy Efficiency in Thermal Utilities - 3Hrs Duration - Maximum Marks: 150

Paper III - Energy Efficiency in Electrical Utilities - 3Hrs Duration - Maximum Marks:150

Paper IV- Energy Performance Assessment for Equipment and Utility systems (Open Book Examination)** - 2Hrs Duration - Maximum Marks:100

Minimum Marks for Award of Certificates

a) For Certification of Energy Managers:

i. 50% of the maximum marks in each paper in Paper-I, Paper-II and Paper-III

b) For Certification of Energy Auditors:

i. 50% of the maximum marks in each paper in Paper-I, Paper-II, Paper-III & Paper-IV.

Note: 1. A candidate qualifying as Certified Energy Auditor automatically qualifies for Certified Energy Manager as well. Such persons can be considered for appointment or designated as Energy Manager under the EC Act, 2001 by the Designated Consumers.

Syllabus for Energy Managers and Energy Auditors Certification Examination


1.1 Energy Scenario: Commercial and Non-commercial energy, primary energy resources, commercial energy production, final energy consumption, energy needs of growing economy, long term energy scenario, energy pricing, energy sector reforms, energy and environment, energy security, energy conservation and its importance, re-structuring of the energy supply sector, energy strategy for the future, air pollution, climate change. Energy Conservation Act-2001 and its features.

1.2 Basics of Energy and its various forms: Electricity basics- DC & AC currents, electricity tariff, Thermal Basics-fuels, thermal energy contents of fuel, temperature & pressure, heat capacity, sensible and latent heat, evaporation, condensation, steam, moist air and humidity & heat transfer, units and conversion.

1.3 Energy Management & Audit: Definition, need and types of energy audit. Energy management (audit) approach-understanding energy costs, bench marking, energy performance, matching energy use to requirement, maximizing system efficiencies, optimizing the input energy requirements, fuel & energy substitution, energy audit instruments.

1.4 Material and Energy balance: Facility as an energy system, methods for preparing process flow, material and energy balance diagrams.

1.5 Energy Action Planning: Key elements, force field analysis, Energy policy purpose, perspective, contents, formulation, ratification, Organizing – location of energy management, top management support, managerial function, roles and responsibilities of energy manager, accountability. Motivating-motivation of employees: Information system-designing barriers, strategies; Marketing and communicating-training and planning.

1.6 Financial Management: Investment-need, appraisal and criteria, financial analysis techniques-simple pay back period, return on investment, net present value, internal rate of return, cash flows, risk and sensitivity analysis; financing options, energy performance contracts and role of ESCOs.

1.7 Project Management: Definition and scope of project, technical design, financing, contracting, implementation and performance monitoring. Implementation plan for top management, Planning Budget, Procurement Procedures, Construction, Measurement & Verification.

1.8 Energy Monitoring and Targeting: Defining monitoring & targeting, elements of monitoring & targeting, data and information-analysis, techniques -energy consumption, production, cumulative sum of differences (CUSUM).

1.9 Global environmental concerns: United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC), sustainable development, Kyoto Protocol, Conference of Parties (COP), Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), Prototype Carbon fund (PCF).


2.1 Fuels and Combustion: Introduction to fuels, properties of fuel oil, coal and gas, storage, handling and preparation of fuels, principles of combustion, combustion of oil, coal and gas.

2.2 Boilers: Types, combustion in boilers, performances evaluation, analysis of losses, feed water treatment, blow down, energy conservation opportunities.

2.3 Steam System: Properties of steam, assessment of steam distribution losses, steam leakages, steam trapping, condensate and flash steam recovery system, identifying opportunities for energy savings.

2.4 Furnaces: Classification, general fuel economy measures in furnaces, excess air, heat distribution, temperature control, draft control, waste heat recovery.

2.5 Insulation and Refractories: Insulation-types and application, economic thickness of insulation, heat savings and application criteria, Refractory-types, selection and application of refractories, heat loss.

2.6 FBC boilers: Introduction, mechanism of fluidized bed combustion, advantages, types of FBC boilers, operational features, retrofitting FBC system to conventional boilers, saving potential.

2.7 Cogeneration: Definition, need, application, advantages, classification and saving potentials.

2.8 Waste Heat Recovery: Classification, advantages and applications, commercially viable waste heat recovery devices, saving potential.


3.1 Electrical system: Electricity billing, electrical load management and maximum demand control, power factor improvement and its benefit, selection and location of capacitors, performance assessment of PF capacitors, distribution and transformer losses.

3.2 Electric motors: Types, losses in induction motors, motor efficiency, factors affecting motor performance, rewinding and motor replacement issues, energy saving opportunities with energy efficient motors.

3.3 Compressed Air System: Types of air compressors, compressor efficiency, efficient compressor operation, Compressed air system components, capacity assessment, leakage test, factors affecting the performance and savings opportunities

3.4 HVAC and Refrigeration System: Vapor compression refrigeration cycle, refrigerants, coefficient of performance, capacity, and factors affecting Refrigeration and Air conditioning system performance and savings opportunities.Vapor absorption refrigeration system: Working principle, types and comparison with vapor compression system, saving potential

3.5 Fans and blowers: Types, performance evaluation, efficient system operation, flow control strategies and energy conservation opportunities.

3.6 Pumps and Pumping System: Types, performance evaluation, efficient system operation, flow control strategies and energy conservation opportunities.

3.7 Cooling Tower: Types and performance evaluation, efficient system operation, flow control strategies and energy saving opportunities assessment of cooling towers.

3.8 Lighting System: Light source, choice of lighting, luminance requirements, and energy conservation avenues.

3.9 Diesel Generating system: Factors affecting selection, energy performance assessment of diesel conservation avenues.

3.10 Energy Efficient Technologies in Electrical Systems: Maximum demand controllers, automatic power factor controllers, energy efficient motors, soft starters with energy saver, variable speed drives, energy efficient transformers, electronic ballast, occupancy sensors, energy efficient lighting controls, energy saving potential of each technology.


Open Book examination on the following energy performance assessments for equipment and utility systems:

4.1 Boilers, Furnaces

4.2 Cogeneration, Turbines (gas, steam)

4.3 Heat Exchangers

4.4 Electric Motors, Variable Speed Drives

4.5 Fans and Blowers, Water Pumps, Compressors

4.6 HVAC systems

4.7 Lighting Systems

4.8 Performing Financial Analysis.

4.9 Applications of Non-conventional & Renewable Energy Sources (NRES)

4.10 Waste minimization and resource conservation


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